Beyond The Box Set

The Terminal 2: Escape From Krakozhia

November 22, 2019

Tom Hanks has starred in five movies directed by Steven Spielberg to date. Of those five, The Terminal is arguably the least-loved. Not only did it gross a modest (by Spielberg/Hanks standards) $77 million at the US box office, it is also the only one of their collaborations to secure zero Oscar nominations. 

Does this black sheep of their creative partnership deserve to languish in relative obscurity, or is it due for some timely re-evaluation? In this week's episode, we decided to find out - with mixed results all round. 

Tune into this week's podcast to hear our thoughts on unnecessary sub-plots, a tragic waste of Catherine Zeta Jones, a mind-boggling romance with Zoë Saldana and why we feel Spielberg films are often critic-proof. We also pull together some drinking games, share some reactions to this film from our listeners and of course pitch our sequel ideas to bring The Terminal back to the big screen. 


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00.00: A Tragic Death in the Family

56.20: The Terminal Drinking Games

1.07.20: The Terminal 2: Escape From Krakozhia

1.23.40: The Terminal 2: Illegal Aliens

1.32.45: Episode 144 Preview & Listener Submissions


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