Beyond The Box Set

The Frighteners 2: Female Trouble

October 19, 2020

As our Halloween mini-season continues, we welcome back one of our favourite returning guests, the fabulous Phil Better. Having introduced us to the wonders of Wolf back in 2018, he returns this week to discuss Peter Jackson's cult 1996 horror comedy The Frighteners. 

A crucial stepping stone between Jackson's early video nasties and his blockbusting Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Frighteners is a witty, if slightly over-stuffed, horror comedy starring Michael J Fox as a psychic con-man who becomes embroiled in a very real spate of paranormal murders. 

In this week's episode, we break down the plot and discuss special effects, sassy ghosts, the scenery-chewing mom from E.T. and much more, plus drinking games, listener submissions, sequel pitches and much more...


Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a difference. Every week, we review a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch ridiculous sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. 

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00.00: Wigs and plot holes

30.00: The Frighteners Drinking Games

41.10: The Frighteners sequel pitches

1.00.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 189 Preview


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