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Survive Style 5+

July 20, 2020

In this week's podcast, long-time friend of the show Nathaniel De Bell joins us to discuss a Tarantino-inspired Japanese comedy that you may not have seen, but that you should absolutely check out. 

Join us as we discuss pigeon acting, inexplicable Vinnie Jones cameos, jokes getting lost in translation and much more as we discuss the cult Japanese classic Survive Style 5+


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we look back on some classic one-off cinema moments and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. After three years and over 170 episodes, we may take the occasional Zombie bite, but we always seem to rise from the dead...

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This week's movie was kindly suggested by our pal Nathaniel De Bell. Check out his Letterboxd profile at...

If you want to watch this week's movie, it's available for streaming at

00.00: The Tarantino Factor

31.50: Survive Style 5+ Drinking Games

43.15: Survive Style 20+ Years Later

51.35: Bus Panic Meets The House of Abandoned Businessmen

1.04.25: Survive Style 5+: Blink And You'll Miss It

1.10.15: Listener Submissions & Episode 177 Preview


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