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See You Yesterday

June 22, 2020

With a plot that features striking parallels to the tragic recent events that sparked the global Black Lives Matter protests, we were initially concerned that See You Yesterday might prove to be too bleak for us to talk about humorously. Thankfully, the debut feature from writer-director Stefon Bristol is as charming and entertaining as it is thought provoking, offering a thoroughly modern take on the well-worn 'teens discover time travel' trope. 


Initially filmed as a short, which fortuitously fell into the hands of producer Spike Lee, See You Yesterday stars Eden Duncan-Smith and Danté Crichlow as a pair of New York youths with a passion for engineering, who improbably invent a working time machine for a high school project. Being teenagers, they immediately use their new-found powers to spy on their past selves and hurl slushies at an obnoxious ex-boyfriend - until tragedy strikes and the film takes a powerful turn. 

To say much more would be to spoil things, but suffice to say we both highly recommend this movie - which is available for streaming right now on Netflix. On this week's podcast, we break down the plot, brainstorm some drinking games and attempt to work the intentionally ambiguous ending into some sequel pitches.


Normally, this is the place where we'd flog our Patreon page and ask for some reviews - but given the subject matter of this film and the moment of history we're currently living through, that doesn't feel quite appropriate. Instead, we'd like to strongly encourage you to donate to some BLM charities, do some learning, make your voice heard - or just make a point of watching a few more films by directors who aren't white men. 

If you're interested in the former, here are some very good foundations who are well worth your support:

Thank you


00.00: John is still bitter about missing the BitCoin boat

32.35: See You Yesterday Drinking Games

41.55: See You Yesterday: Rise of Justice Girl

52.30: See You Yesterday 2: See Me Tomorrow

1.03.35: Episode 172 Preview & Listener Submissions

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