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Reindeer Games 2: Away In a Manger

December 7, 2020

Our alternative festive season continues this week with Reindeer Games, a bizarre attempt to put a festive twist on a Tarantino-style crime thriller. 

Released in February 2000 to terrible reviews and negligible box office, the film stars Ben Affleck as Rudi, an ex-con who poses as his deceased former cellmate in order to win the heart of a lonely woman played by Charlize Theron. However, he quickly regrets his deception when he's dragged into a complex criminal plot to stage a heist at a local casino. 

In this week's episode, we discuss overly complex plot mechanics, bizarrely shoehorned-in Christmas references, disturbing kissing technique and much more. As always, we also throw in some drinking games, catch up with our listeners and pitch some improbable sequel ideas!

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00.00 Let It Snow is a really weird soundbed for a sex scene

48.10 Reindeer Games Drinking Games

54.15 Reindeer Games Sequel Pitches

01.11.55 Listener Submissions and Episode 196 Preview

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