Beyond The Box Set

Out of Sight 2: The Buddy System

February 24, 2020

The dust may have settled on this year's Oscar drama, but we're still not ready to let go of J.Lo's outrageous snub in Best Supporting Actress. So this week, we're going all the way back to one of most acclaimed breakout performances in 1998's steamy thriller Out of Sight.

Tune in to hear our thoughts on car boot meet cutes, Goldfish rights, George Clooney's questionable bank robbing strategy and more, plus drinking games, listener submissions and of course sequel pitches! 


Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Every week, we take a look back at a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch ridiculous sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas to bring them back onto the big screen. 

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00.00: Harry has some things to say...

41.50: Out of Sight Drinking Games

45.15: Out of Sight 2: Out of Office

58.25: Out of Sight 2: The Buddy System

1.09.40: Episode 155 Preview & Listener Submissions

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