Beyond The Box Set

Oliver’s Orphanage of Opportunity!

September 20, 2019

A spectacular Dickensian musical that traumatised multiple generations of children, Carol Reed's Oliver! is a bona fide classic... but somehow in fifty years, it's never been granted a direct sequel. 

Far be it from us to claim we can top Charles Dickens for creativity, but with the great man long dead, we're sure he won't mind us stepping into his shoes for a while. Aussie Nerd Daniel Tickner joins us to share his love of (the first half of) this movie, and to discuss important matters such as the uncomfortable sexiness of Bill Sykes, The Artful Dodger's excellent colour co-ordination and why this movie's title character kind of sucks...


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a classic movie from the past and boldly attempt to pitch sequels, prequels and spin-offs to bring them back to the big screen. From Titanic to The Shawshank Redemption, Mars Attacks to Maximum Overdrive, there's nothing we won't risk spoiling forever with our creative ramblings...

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00.00: Bill Skyes would 100% get it 

24.40: Oliver! Drinking Games

33.10: Oliver! Adventures of a Master Criminal 

40.20: Oliver meets Hamilton! 

44.50: Oliver's Orphanage of Opportunity!

53.50: Episode 135 Preview & Listener Submissions

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