Beyond The Box Set

Napoleon Dynamite’s High School Reunion

September 12, 2019

A micro-budget indie comedy with no recognisable stars, Napoleon Dynamite was a surprise crossover smash in 2004. However, it was also highly divisive - and up until now, John has actively avoided watching it. Can Harry and this week's special guest convince him to overcome his prejudices, or will this movie land like a cold slab of steak to the face?

Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on unlikable characters, questionable timelines, inexplicable Llamas and disgusting, disgusting food - plus our usual combination of drinking games, listener reviews and fantasy sequel pitches that attempt to imagine where Napoleon, Kip, Deb, Pedro and Uncle Rico might be today...


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00.00: Why John had no previous interest in watching this movie...

29.55: Napoleon Dynamite Drinking Games

41.00: Napoleon Dynamite's High School Reunion

50.50: Napoleon Dynamite: The College Years

55.40: House of Dynamite

1.05.40: Episode 134 Preview & Listener Submissions


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