Beyond The Box Set

Misery 2: The College Years

August 22, 2019

In the annals of all-time great modern horror performances, psychotic fangirl Annie Wilkes would always rank highly. Sadly that dirty bird Stephen King killer her off at the end of Misery, but if this movie taught us anything, it's that with a little light persuasion, any franchise can be subject to a creative revival...

Tune into this week's podcast for our thoughts on Kathy Bates as the proto-internet fangirl, the casting might've beens that could've seriously changed this movie and of course our reaction to that hobbling scene. All that, plus the usual mix of drinking games, listener submissions and some sequel pitches to help bring poor misunderstood Annie back from the grave. 


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we explore a classic standalone movie from Cinema's past. After a lighthearted rundown, we set our creative juices to work creating sequel, prequel and spin-off pitches to bring them back to the big screen. Some are plausible, some are absolute nonsense, but we always aim to offer a fresh perspective on your favourite screen gems...

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00.00: Annie Wilkes would have hated The Last Jedi...

31.45: Misery Drinking Games

44.15: Misery 2: Fan Service 

52.00: Misery: The College Years 

1.03.50: Episode 131 Preview & Listener Submissions

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