Beyond The Box Set

Lucy Goosey & The Jang Gang (feat. How to Survive Your Twenties)

March 22, 2020

Luc Besson's Lucy is a wild 90 minute rollercoaster that starts off as a standard issue crime thriller before taking a hard left turn into sci-fi, time travel and dinosaurs. 

Clearly, this was going to take a little bit of extra help to unpack, so on this week's podcast, we're joined by Joe & Jonah from How To Survive Your Twenties. Tune in to hear our thoughts on Scarlet Johansson's questionable moral compass, Morgan Freeman doing a TED Talk, bizarre phrasing choices and much more... plus sequel ideas, drinking games and all your usual faves...


Beyond The Box Set is a hit British movie podcast with a difference. Every week, we don't just review a classic movie - we pitch a full blown sequel idea to bring it back to the big screen. Featuring special guests, listener interaction and a bunch of fun regular features, we're aiming to change the way you look at some of your favourite films...

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00.00: The Superman problem...

58.15: Lucy Drinking Games

1.03.15: The ScarJo Cinematic Universe

1.10.45: Lucy Goosey & The Jang Gang

1.28.45: Lucy 2.0

1.41.15Episode 159 Preview & Listener Submissions

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