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Lesbian Vampires Killed Our Careers!

October 18, 2019

Before James Corden found fame in the USA, he teamed up with his 'Gavin & Stacey' co-star Matthew Horne for Lesbian Vampire Killers, a crude and ill-conceived Shaun of the Dead knock-off that almost buried his career for good. 

The film is considered so irredeemably awful that Corden himself has spent the rest of his career publicly apologising for it. But could it really be as bad as its reputation suggests?

Turns out the answer is a fairly definitive yes, because this movie is garbage. In this week's episode, we reluctantly conduct a thorough post-mortem on everything from the nonsensical plot, the robotic acting, the dreadful special effects and the constant flurry of sexist, homophobic and generally laugh-free alleged jokes that pepper the mercifully brief 87 minute running time. 

No sequel for this film will or should ever be made, so our challenge this week was to consider any acceptable way that this movie could theoretically be brought back to the big screen. Did we succeed? We'll leave the final judgement up to you...


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00.00: When James Corden is the best part of a movie...

45.00: Lesbian Vampire Killers Drinking Games

56.55: Lesbian Vampire Killers 2: Hot Fuzz

1.07.00: Lesbian Vampires Killed Our Careers!

1.15.35: Episode 139 Preview & Listener Submissions

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