Beyond The Box Set

I Am Legend 2: Legends Never Die

August 16, 2020

Our Will Smith season continues this week with with post-apocalyptic drama I Am Legend. It took a number of compromises to get this film to the big screen, but was the final result worth the negotiations? 

In this week's episode of Beyond The Box Set, we break down poor canine training, the perils of focus-grouping, post-apocalyptic insanity and much more, plus drinking games, sequel pitches and much more!

Each week on Beyond the Box Set, your two intrepid hosts take on a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch ridiculous sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. From Oscar-winning gems to misbegotten bombs, we've reimagined them all in our own unique way.

00.00: Will Smith should lean into his insanity...

51.45: I Am Legend Drinking Games

59.10: I Am Legend sequel pitches

1.17.15: Listener Submissions & Episode 181 Preview

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