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Goodfellas 2: Mob Wife Beauty Shop

January 25, 2020

With Martin Scorsese's The Irishman racking up an impressive 10 Oscar nominations this month, we thought we'd look back at one of his most beloved gangster classics, the stylish, sardonic and endlessly quotable Goodfellas...

Tune in for our thoughts on mobster logic, DeNiro's questionable crying game, a Wig Watch round for the ages and much more. Plus drinking games, listener submissions and of course our eternally-in-production-hell sequel pitches! You'd be a schmuck to miss it!


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00.00: Harry's questionable nicknames...

30.15: Goodfellas Drinking Games

37.15: Goodfellas 2: Good Gals 

49.55: Goodfellas 2: Mob Wife Beauty Shop

1.02.36: Episode 152 Preview & Listener Submissions

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