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Fargo 2: Murder in Minnesota

November 15, 2019

With winter rapidly drawing in, a chilly thriller set in the frozen climes of the American Midwest seemed like an appropriate choice for this week's episode. Released in 1996, Fargo is one of the Coen Brothers' most beloved movies, and one of the most acclaimed and influential pictures of its time. 

On this week's episode, we discuss breaking our only rule - yes, we're aware of the TV show - iconic accent work, Gunderson relationship goals, the endless joy of watching Steve Buscemi take physical and verbal abuse, and much more...

We also brainstorm some Fargo drinking games and pitch some sequel ideas to find out what the survivors of the original film might be up to 25 years later. Is it worth a listen? Yer darn tootin'! 


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00.00: We will not be attempting the accent...

38.15: Fargo Drinking Games

47.45: Fargo 2: Too Far Gone 

59.40: Fargo 2: Murder in Minnesota

1.09.15: Episode 143 Preview & Listener Submissions

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