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Escape to Victory: Deadly Rematch (ft. Ant McGinley)

January 31, 2020

In over three years of podcasting, one genre we've never really touched on here at Beyond The Box Set is football movies. Fortunately, Podcast supremo and host of On The Left Side Ant McGinley is here to give us a crash course with the all-star WW2 sports classic Escape to Victory...

Tune in to hear our thoughts on misleading movie titles, Sylvester Stallone's goalkeeping credentials, the most relaxed POW camp in movie history and much more! 


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00.00: Anal bleeding: Football's silent killer

46.05: Escape to Victory Drinking Games

54.40: Escape to Victory: Deadly Rematch

1.07.05: Escape to Victory: Don't Mention the VAR

1.19.00: Escape to Victory 2: Prisoner of Love

1.29.05: Episode 153 Preview & Listener Submissions

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