Beyond The Box Set

BONUS | Rex Pickett on Writing Sideways and Potential Sequels

June 6, 2017

Last week on Beyond The Box Set, we pitched sequels to Alexander Payne’s highly acclaimed 2005 movie Sideways. In this very special bonus episode, we’re joined by Rex Pickett, author of the award-winning original novel on which the film was based. In a candid and wide ranging discussion, he discusses the novel’s unusual journey from page to screen, what it feels like to be played by Paul Giamatti, and why the time might finally be right for a Sideways sequel…

00:00 Introduction – The Sideways Origin Story

19:30 Miles and Jack’s Connection

25:30 Finding Miles

35:30 The Future of the Sideways Universe

59:15 Rex Pickett’s Fantasy Sequel 

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