Beyond The Box Set

BONUS | Oscar Predictions 2018

January 22, 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for movie nerds! With the official nominations for the 2018 Academy Awards due to be announced in a matter of days, we decided to take a brief detour from our regularly scheduled programming to make our predictions for the movies we expect to see nominated for Best Picture. 

The Academy Award nominations will be announced from 05.22 PST or 13.22 UK time*, and you can watch it all unfold live at to see how eerily accurate - or woefully off the mark - our predictions might have been. 

We'll be bringing your more Oscar coverage over the coming weeks, including our ranking of the actual Best Picture nominees once we've gotten around to watching them all, and our reaction to the results some time after we've recovered from the main show. 

Fear not, our weekly schedule of pitching ludicrous sequels to classic standalone movies will not be interrupted, and our regular episodes will continue to come out every Friday morning. Just think of this as bonus content - kind of the way Meryl Streep probably thinks about her Golden Globe nominations these days...

* Harry claims the nominations come out at 1am UK time in this episode, but he never was great with the numbers...