Beyond The Box Set

Black Sheep 2: Mutton Apocalypse

July 6, 2020

Flesh eating zombie sheep run rampant in the inventively gory New Zealand horror-comedy Black Sheep. On this week's episode, we break down the plot and attempt to pitch some truly baa-my sequels (sorry...)


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a look back at a notable standalone movie from the past, and shamelessly riff on possible sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas that might bring them back to the big screen. Sometimes we're inspired, sometimes we're insane, but we always rise to the occasion...

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00.00: If you're looking for a movie in which an undead sheep chews off a man's penis...

34.45: Black Sheep Drinking Games

41.10: Black Sheep: The Tewe Towers

51.35: Black Sheep 2: The Mutton Apocalypse 

57.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 175 Preview

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