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Wolf Children 2 - Teen Wolf

October 4, 2018

This Halloween is The Season of the Wolf here at Beyond The Box Set. Each week this month, we're looking at classic movies featuring Werewolves. First up, Mamoru Hosada's decidedly un-scary but very lovely 2012 anime Wolf Children.

Suggested by Patreon subscriber - and this week's special guest - Daniel Tickner, Wolf Children takes a thoughtful and heartfelt look at parenthood through the eyes of a young single mother struggling to raise her two half-wolf children in rural Japan.

From the stunningly beautiful animation to the quiet but heartfelt story, we found a lot to enjoy about our first sampling of the anime genre. Not that we let that prevent us from taking a few dramatic liberties in search of an entertaining sequel idea, of course...

Tune into this week's episode to hear what guest Daniel means when he describes Wolf Children as 'an aquarium movie', how a character name coincidence led Harry to make a surprisingly plausible connection between this movie and the MCU, and why John based his sequel entirely around his irrational hatred of cats...


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00.00: Is it ever OK to snog a canine? 

35.30: Wolf Children Drinking Games

47.15: Cat Children - A Horror Movie

58.45: Wolf Teenagers aka Teen Wolf (but not that one) 

1.06.50: Wolf Children 2: The Grand Wolf

1.16.20: Listener Submissions & Episode 86 Preview

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