Beyond The Box Set

Muppet Pulp Fiction

September 27, 2018

It's the movie that revitalised John Travolta's career, made Uma Thurman an instant icon and proved that there's quite literally no hairstyle that Samuel L Jackson couldn't pull off. We are of course talking about Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. 

Joining us this week for another special crossover event, returning guest Ross Burton of 2 Geeks 2 Movies once again swallows his abiding hatred of unnecessary sequels and helps us to pitch-some potential spin-offs to wrap up the many (intentional) loose ends left dangling by the original movie.

From how Mia met Marsellus to the tragic backstory of 'The Gimp', there's no plot thread we're leaving uncovered - except the one about that damn briefcase. Even we have to draw the line somewhere. 


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00.00: Cop or Stripper?

29.50: Pulp Fiction Drinking Games

38.30: Muppet Pulp Fiction

50.30: Worlds of Pulp Fiction: An Extended Dark Universe 

1.01.40: Pulp Fiction: Origins 

1.16.10: Listener Submissions & Episode 85 Preview

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