Beyond The Box Set

Burlesque 2: Season of the Bitch

September 6, 2018

It's a passion! It's a fashion! It's... a campy wig explosion with terrible acting, a nonsensical plot and far, far too many characters! In this very special edition of Beyond The Box Set, we're joined by returning guests Oli Ajulo and Louise Ball to discuss Burlesque - the 2010 movie musical starring Cher, Christina Aguilera and precisely zero nipple tassles. 

Written and directed by Steven Antin - who we suspect might possibly be a well-connected gay man with no self control - Burlesque may have been a donkey at the box office, but chances are it'll be screening at drag bars and bad movie events until the end of time. 

Tune into this week's episode to hear our doomed attempts at making sense of the plot, our theory that Christina Aguilera's character is quite obviously the villain of the movie and some extremely variable Cher impersonations...

In a twist on our usual format, we also formed competing teams with our two guests to present a pair of sequel ideas that include a musical riff on the Scream franchise and a prequel that attempts to clear the name of one of the original movie's most unfairly maligned characters...


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00.00: Christina Aguilera is an entitled monster

51.30: Burlesque Drinking Games

1.00.00: Burlesque 2: Take Your Passion! 

1.11.30: Burlesque 2: Season of the Bitch

1.25.55: Listener Submissions & Episode 82 Preview

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