Beyond The Box Set

Drag Me To Hell II: Justin’s Long Con

July 26, 2018

Talking goats, doomed kittens and a *lot* of projectile vomiting, Drag Me To Hell found Sam Raimi back in his comedy-horror element after his lucrative turn behind the Spider Man franchise. But does it have the potential to become an Evil Dead-esque franchise? 

For this week's episode of Beyond The Box Set, we discuss the extreme pettiness of Gypsy curses, Octavia Spencer's blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo and the wonderfully ludicrous concept of Professor Justin Long, before pitching our own ideas for extending the franchise - including a sequel set entirely in hell itself, and the unlikely but strangely compelling confluence of Star Wars, Jade Pinkett-Smith and Sam Raimi.


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00.00: Why Harry travelled 50 miles to see this movie 

38.05: Drag Me To Hell Drinking Games

49.00: Drag Me To Hell II: Justin's Long Con

1.10.15: Drag Me 2 Hell: Two Tickets To Damnation

1.21.40: Listener Submissions & Episode 76 Preview

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