Beyond The Box Set

Jerry Maguire 2: Jerry’s Game

July 19, 2018

From the chunky flip phones and questionable hair to the dodgy sexual politics and curious lack of any real stakes, Jerry Maguire is perhaps the quintessential mid-90s prestige rom com. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, the movie stars Tom Cruise as a successful sports agent whose search for meaning in a cynical industry leads him into the arms of warm-hearted, possibly overly suggestible single mother Renee Zellweger. 

In this week's episode of Beyond The Box Set, we discuss the bizarre pacing of this movie, Renee Zellweger's succession of very poor decisions in the film and the fact that we're pretty sure all of the characters are addicted to cocaine. 

Once we've completed a thorough post-mortem, we move on to pitching our own Jerry Maguire sequels as set in 2018. Would Jerry's questionable business strategy of focusing on fewer clients and less money be working out for him? Would his quickie marriage to a woman who may very well be in a cult still be going strong? And would Cuba Gooding Jr ever appear in another successful project again? 


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00.00: Cocaine, flip phones and unexamined white privilege

32.10: Jerry Maguire Drinking Games

39.05: Jerry Maguire 2: Breaking Jerry

45.30: Jerry Maguire 2: Jerry's Game

53.10: Listener Submissions & Episode 75 Preview