Beyond The Box Set

Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

July 13, 2018

A disturbed teenage girl. A baby-snatching goblin king with a distractingly prominent codpiece. A supporting cast of creature features ranging from bizarre to frankly terrifying. Every scene of Jim Henson's Labyrinth is burned into the memories of a generation of movie viewers.

With the late-great David Bowie taking the iconic role of Jareth, the aforementioned well endowed Goblin King, any proposed sequel to this 80s classic would have to wrestle with the unthinkable prospect of recasting. Who could possibly step into his shoes? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we've challenged ourselves to come up with some ideas...

Labyrinth is a rare film that we both have equally strong memories of, proving that despite initially poor box office returns, the movie enjoys a truly timeless appeal. Join us on this week's episode as we discuss bad acting vs dream acting, the bizarre genius of the Bog of Eternal Stench and why Sir Didymus is the absolute worst...



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00.00: Seriously, that codpiece...

27.50: Labyrinth Drinking Games

33.45: Labyrinth: A 30 Rock Production

47.40: Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

1.02.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 74 Preview

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