Beyond The Box Set

The Boy Next Door 2: Who Is Jennifer Lopez?

June 7, 2018

Jennifer Lopez is a diva, an icon and one of the defining celebrities of the 21st Century... that's what co-host John thinks, anyway. Harry, on the other hand, has never knowingly seen or heard anything she's ever done. 

Hence, the latest edition of our increasingly inaccurate 'Sing Your Way To An Oscar' mini-season offers a crash-course in J.Lo, as we revisit one of her most recent cinematic successes - the campy, ridiculous but strangely compelling The Boy Next Door

Like much of J.Lo's oeuvre, The Boy Next Door received scathing reviews but proved to be oddly critic-proof; grossing $52.4 million against a 4 million budget. While the movie doesn't exactly leave the door open for a sequel, we definitely think there's franchise potential here. 

Join us in this feature-length episode as we celebrate some of our favourite ludicrous scenes - from J.Lo's improbably glamour to Kristen Chenoweth's gleeful scenery chewing - before diving into some sequel pitches that include a classic slasher and the unlikely but possibly genius concept of Jenny from the Block doing a Spike Jonze movie. 


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00.00: Costumes by Versace, Lighting by Streisand 

56.00: The Boy Next Door Drinking Games

1.03.50: The Boy Next Door: Who Is Jennifer Lopez?

1.24.00: The Boy Next Door II: The Obligatory Straight to DVD Sequel  

1.36.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 69 Preview