Beyond The Box Set

La La Land 2: Scar Scar Land (feat. Wit Ye Talking Aboot)

March 2, 2018

Beyond The Box Set goes on the road this week for a podcast crossover with the hilarious Ross and Laura of Wit Ye Talking About. The musical Scots join us for a timely discussion of Damien Chazelle's thwarted Oscar darling La La Land. 

Join us as we discuss obnoxious cinema etiquette, weirdly muddy sound mixing and whether or not this movie would have been better if Hugh Jackman was in it - all before we join forces to pitch our own sequel ideas for the film; this week featuring a gritty noir thriller with strictly no musical numbers, and of course the inevitabe low-budget British remake. 


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00.00: Hugh Jackman could have saved this movie 

27.52: La La Land Drinking Games

39.20: La La Land 2: Da Da Land

45.15: La La Land 2: Scar Scar Land

1.12.22: Listener Submissions & Episode 55 Preview 

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