Beyond The Box Set

Being John Malkovich II: The Split

January 11, 2018

After four long weeks apart, Harry and John finally reunite for a dizzyingly hilarious trip down the rabbit hole that is Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman's brilliantly inventive Being John Malkovich, one of the most creative cult comedies of the 1990s. 

Starring John Cusack as a frustrated puppeteer, Cameron Diaz as his sexually conflicted, animal-hoarding wife and John Malkovich in a career defining performance as himself - or some version of it - Being John Malkovich is rightly regarded as a modern classic. 

Join us as we discuss the wig that transforms John Cusack into Dylan Moran, Catherine Keener's stellar leg work in this movie, why Being Tom Cruise would never have worked and much more, before setting ourselves the daunting task of matching this movie's endless insanity with our own fantasy sequel pitches. 


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00.00: Hot Tubs, Creepy Puppets and The Joy of Unapologetic Nonsense

25.00: Being John Malkovich Drinking Games

33.40: Being Harry Chappell

58.20: Splitting John Malkovich

01.06.45: Listener Submissions, The Get Out Theory & Episode 48 Preview