Beyond The Box Set

WALL-E 2: A Garbage Movie

January 4, 2018

In almost a year of recording Beyond The Box Set, it occured to us this week that we've never actually covered a fully animated movie. So in the spirit of the new year, we decided to correct this oversight and turn our imaginations towards one of the most beloved animated features of the past decade, Pixar's WALL-E. 

Written and directed by Andrew Stanton and Jim Reardon, WALL-E was one of Pixar Studios riskiest and most ambitious releases. Set in the wasted remnants of a long-abandoned Planet Earth, the movie follows a largely non-verbal trash compactor robot who dreams of experiencing true love - or at least the version of it depicted in his worn-out VHS of the 1969 musical Hello Dolly. 

From its virtually dialogue-free first half to the depiction of a future in which humans have quite literally become oversized babies, WALL-E challenges its audience considerably more than the average children's movie. It was a gamble that paid off when the movie became a highly acclaimed global blockbuster, taking in over $200 million at the US Box Office and picking up the 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. 

Despite all this success, to date WALL-E has never been recomissioned for a sequel. Join us as we attempt to recitify this with a haunting end-of-humanity origin story and a romantic sequel that finds WALL-E and EVE's teenage child experiencing the first pangs of robot love during the Earth cleanup process. 

Along the way we also discuss whether WALL-E should really be considered a children's movie, question the necessity of sentient parasols in the future and learn the hard way that 'cockroach life span' is a difficult phrase to say...


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00.00: Intro - EVE shoots first, asks questions later...

20.55: WALL-E Drinking Games

26.00: WALL-E: A Garbage Movie

37.25: WALL-E 2.0

48.25: Listener Submissions & Episode 47 Preview