Beyond The Box Set

Sunshine: A Toy Story in Space

October 6, 2017

Is Danny Boyle's Sunshine one of the most underrated sci-fi movies of the past decade, or just a boring Sigourney-free version of Alien? Join us as we discuss space botany, weirdly breathy computer voices and heavy-handed character death foreshadowing, all while consistently mispronouncing Cillian Murphy's name. 

Of course we also get around to pitching some fantasy sequel ideas, which this week include a Red Dwarf-inspired look at what Mark Strong's Pinbacker got up to while he was waiting around to be a convenient third-act villain, and a surprisingly convincing pitch that this movie should form the basis of the forthcoming fourth Toy Story movie...

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00.00: Chris Evans has a weirdly forgettable face

09.40: The Sunshine Drinking Game 

18.30: Alternative Readings - Tan Addicts In Space

20.30 Sunshine 2: Red Giant

36.40 Sunshine 2: A Toy Story

51.30 Listener Submissions + Episode 35 Preview