Beyond The Box Set

The Mermaid 2: Pretty In Sink

September 28, 2017

This week on Beyond The Box Set, we're joined by actual professional mermaid Lucy Meredith to discuss Stephen Chow's bizarre 2016 hit 'The Mermaid' - a classic tale of forbidden love featuring horrifying violence, self-immolating octopuses and weaponised sea urchins...

Join us as we attempt to make sense of the ludicrous dialogue, jarring tonal shifts and very distracting extra work, before coming to the conclusion that when a film is this much fun, normal standards don't really apply. 

Along the way we also invent some drinking games that should keep any 'The Mermaid' viewing party suitably lubricated and of course pitch our fantasy sequel ideas - this week featuring an English-language remake starring notable surrealist auteur Tommy Wiseau, a Goonies-style under sea adventure and an anthology of equally messed up re-imaginings of classic fairy tales. 

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00.00: The strangest laugh in cinema history

16.50: The Mermaid Drinking Game 

23.35: Alternative Readings - A Poorly Translated Remake of Splash!

24.20 The Mermaid 2: The Cove

34.15 The Mermaid 2: Pretty In Sink

42.25 A Collection of Twisted Fairy Tales Inspired by The Mermaid

49.10 Listener Submissions + Episode 34 Preview