Beyond The Box Set

Knights of Lego Badassdom

August 3, 2017

Tyrion Lannister and Abed from Community in a comedy horror movie about Live Action Roleplay? Sounds like a recipe for hilarity. Sadly, the reality of obscure box office bomb Knights of Badassdom turns out to be rather different…

This week on Beyond The Box Set, we sat through 85 tortuous minutes of olde worlde accents, nonsensical plot exposition screamed out by wildly overacting TV stars and genuinely incompetent filmmaking – then attempt to justify a sequel.

Join us as we discuss – among other things – Peter Dinklage’s genuinely uncomfortable acting choices, Danny Pudi being given literally nothing to do in this movie and the bizarre plot mechanics of Summer Glau’s relationship with her dangerously disturbed cousin.

Despite the fact that this is very possibly the worst film we’ve ever covered – yes, even worse than the Super Mario Bros. movie – we do have some ideas for what the sequel might look like, including a Lego version with a much starrier cast and an origin story that attempts to explain how Peter Dinklage’s agent tricked him into appearing in this garbage movie in the first place…

00:00 Intro – Peter Dinklage seems troubled

18:35 Pitch One – Knights of Badassdom 2: Revenge of the Nordic Nerds

31:40 Pitch Two – Knights of Lego Badassdom

46:00 Listener Submissions & Episode 26 Preview