Beyond The Box Set

The Sixth Sense 2: Icy Dead People

July 21, 2017

We’re ready to tell you our secret now. We see… a scenery-chewing Wahlberg brother, questionable plot mechanics and a lot of unnecessary exposition.

This week on Beyond The Box Set, we’re pitching sequels to M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 breakthrough hit ‘The Sixth Sense’, a movie we’re pretty sure Haley Joel Osment still gets quoted at him every day.

What if Cole cashed in on his ghost-whispering abilities and became a celebrated TV medium with some very famous contacts on the other side? Or what if our favourite pint-sized psychic travelled to Westeros to attempt to reason with the famously chatty White Walkers? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this week’s podcast…

Each week on Beyond The Box Set we take a classic standalone movie and compete to come up with the best, worst and weirdest sequel, prequel and spin-off concepts to bring them back to the big screen. If you like what you hear, please hit the subscribe button and give us a review. It feeds our fragile egos and helps new listeners to find the show.

00:00 Intro – Donnie Wahlberg needs to reign it in a little…

19:10 Pitch One – The Sixth Sense 2: The Touring Dead

37:30 Pitch Two – The Sixth Sense: Icy Dead People

53:30 Listener Submissions & Episode 24 Preview