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Stand By Me 2: The Sign

August 8, 2019

Our Stephen King mini-season kicks off this week with a quintessential coming of age classic, Rob Reiner's heartstring-tugging boys adventure tale Stand By Me.

Adapted from King's short story The Body, Stand By Me stars a lineup of child stars - all of whose lives and careers eerily echoed their fates in the movie. In this week's podcast we discuss misleading titles, traumatic leech incidents, Keifer Sutherland perfecting the peroxide 80s asshole look and much more. 

With the surviving actors now in their mid-late forties, is there any mileage in a middle aged Stand By Me sequel? That's the task we set ourselves this week as we pitch concepts to bring this iconic movie back to the big screen. Let's face it, most of these actors would probably be glad of the work...


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00.00: The kids aren't alright 

27.15: Stand By Me Drinking Games

34.40: Stand By Me 2: The Sign

46.45: Stand By Me 2: Go Your Own Way

1.01.00: Episode 129 Preview & Listener Submissions

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