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Girls Trip 2: Diva Las Vegas

July 26, 2019

An outrageous comedy hit that introduced the world to the irrepressible talents of Tiffany Haddish - and an eye-opening new use for the humble grapefruit - Girls Trip definitely left us hungry for more. 

Tune into this week's podcast to hear our thoughts on explosive urination, dangerous levels of alcohol abuse, the most violent bar-fight we've seen since The Punisher and more.

As usual, we also pitch some drinking games of our own - though they seem almost moot in the context of this movie - and discuss where we'd like to see these characters go next when the inevitable sequel rolls around... Girls Trip in Vegas, anyone? 


Beyond The Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week, we take a look at a classic standalone movie and compete to pitch sequels, prequels and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. From vintage blockbusters to modern cult classics, we believe every movie deserves a disappointing sequel, and if nobody else wants to write one - we're more than happy to step in!

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00.00: The art of grapefruiting 

38.45: Girls Trip Drinking Games

45.00: Girls Trip 2: Diva Las Vegas

55.30: Girls Trip 2: Road Trip

1.07.55: Episode 127 Preview & Listener Submissions

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