Beyond The Box Set

Chronicle 2: Chronic Back Pain

July 19, 2019

An inventive blend of superhero action, high school drama and found footage horror, Chronicle is the kind of auspicious debut that should have set director Josh Trank on the road to a glittering career. Then Fantastic Four happened...

Disappointing follow-ups aside, Chronicle remains one of the most refreshing movies we've covered on this podcast in a while, and we'd definitely be open to some kind of sequel. In this week's episode, Lee Agne of the Connected Hearts podcast joins us to discuss hormonal superheroes, alien spunk, why every high school house party takes place in a mansion and more...


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00.00: Teenage John had definite supervillain potential

42.30: Chronicle Drinking Games

52.50: Chronicle II: Chronic Back Pain

1.03.07: ChronIIcle 

1.17.10: Chronicles of Chronicle 

1.25.25: Episode 126 Preview & Listener Submissions

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