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Geostorm 2: Dutch Oven

June 7, 2019

Gerard Butler and his distractingly thick neck race to save the world from ecological disaster in Geostorm, an instant ironic classic from the screenwriting team behind Independence Day. Featuring bad science, clunky dialogue and plot holes the size of the ozone layer, this 2017 bomb was a must for inclusion in our summer of Disaster Movies. 

Join us as we discuss misplaced nationalism, inexplicable timelines, women in bikinis running from frozen tidal waves and the best-worst product placement we've ever seen in a semi-serious movie. 

On its much-delayed release in 2017, Geostorm received scathing reviews and tanked hard at the box office, so sadly a sequel is unlikely to ever see the light of day. However, that doesn't deter us from pitching some ideas for the follow-up movie we'd like to see. 


Each week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a look back at a one-off movie from the past, and compete to pitch sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. 

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00.00: Gerard Butler really does have a very thick neck

39.40: Geostorm Drinking Games

44.40: Geostorm 2: Nuclear Option 

55.40: Geostorm 2: Dutch Oven 

1.04.45: Listener Submissions & Episode 120 Preview

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