Beyond The Box Set

Being Benjamin Button

April 4, 2019

Over the course of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a man lives an entire lifetime in reverse. After sitting through the three-hour runtime, we felt like we could relate to the experience. 

Directed by David Fincher from the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fascinating concept with a fundamentally boring character at the centre. Join us on this week's podcast as we discuss extremely variable CGI work, the intense ick-factor of the old man/little girl love story and why Tilda Swinton gave us a very British case of second-hand tea anxiety...

We also have a go at pitching some sequel ideas, including some thoughts on how other notable directors might have handled this story, and a crossover with one of our favourite camp classics from a past episode...


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00.00: Every character in this movie is more interesting than Benjamin Button

52.00: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Drinking Games

1.02.40: Being Benjamin Button

1.11.45: Death Becomes Daisy 

1.22.30 Listener Submissions & Episode 111 Preview

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