Beyond The Box Set

The Dressmaker 2: The Hemsworth Curse

March 16, 2019

We're back, you bastards! This week's episode may be arriving slightly late, but we hope the choice of movie justifies the wait. The Dressmaker is a real curio - a hilarious Australian revenge comedy/drama starring Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth and a lot of hats, wigs and fabulous evening gowns!

If you've never seen this movie before, we strongly recommend that you seek it out before listening to this episode - it's an absolute riot, and some of the plot twists are so out-there that we'd hate to ruin them for you! But do make sure you come back, because we have a *lot* to talk about...


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00.00: Hats, Golf Balls and Incongruous Age Gaps. 

35.25: The Dressmaker Drinking Games

43.45: The Dressmaker In Paris

52.35: The Dressmaker 2: The Hemsworth Curse

1.00.15 Listener Submissions & Episode 108 Preview

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