Beyond The Box Set

Deja Vu: Deja Vu

April 20, 2017

You might not remember this utterly bonkers 2006 time travel action thriller from director Tony Scott, but if you enjoy unbridled sci-fi silliness, it’s well worth a watch. This week on Beyond The Box Set, we attempt to unravel the movie’s many, many plot holes, before diving into some equally demented sequel ideas – including multiple Denzel Washingtons causing havoc in New Orleans, and a look at time travel technology in the age of the app…

00:00 Intro – Was Val Kilmer even in this movie? 

15:45 Pitch One – Deja 2: Butterfly Effect

31:45 Pitch Two – Deja Vu: Deja Vu

31:00 Episode 11 Preview


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