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Wonka: Chapter 2 (feat. Pete Allison)

Wonka: Chapter 2 (feat. Pete Allison)

February 28, 2020

Murder, fat shaming, nightmarish steamboat rides - terrifying childhood classics don't come much more traumatic than Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, the first major movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's bestselling 1964 novel.

BBC Radio DJ Pete Allison drops by this week to discuss the many, many ways in which this film delighted and scarred us in equal measure, before pitching in with some sequel ideas that conveniently ignore the fact that Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator and that Tim Burton reboot ever happened...


Beyond The Box Set is a British movie podcast with a creative twist. We don't just review screen classics - we pitch sequels to them! From Titanic and Gladiator to Out of Sight and Escape to Victory we've continued the stories of over 150 iconic movies and counting, with rave reviews from The Guardian, Apple Music and more!

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00.00: Uncle Joe is cinema's greatest monster

33.00: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Drinking Games

45.55: Charlie & The Money Factory

57.15: Charlie & The Oompa Loompa Liberation Front

1.03.50: Wonka: Chapter 2

1.16.00: Episode 156 Preview & Listener Submissions

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter…

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter…

December 12, 2019

What's this? What's this?!

Why, it's the latest festive episode of Beyond The Box Set, in which we're pitching sequels for Disney's ghoulish stop-motion classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Released in 1993, the movie tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween-town who becomes disillusioned with his annual duties and decides to take a crack at Christmas instead. 

Tune into this episode to hear our thoughts on the twisted mind of Tim Burton, the joy of terrorising small children, the disturbing implications of Thanksgiving-town, plus drinking games, listener submissions and much more...


Beyond The Box Set is a weekly movie podcast with a twist. Every week, we take a look back at a classic standalone movie, and compete to pitch sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen. We've been featured in The Guardian, by Spotify and on the front page of Apple Podcasts - so check us out!

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00.00: When a childhood film becomes burned into your psyche...

24.25: The Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Games

28.30: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter...

41.30: The Nightmare Before

52.15: Episode 147 Preview & Listener Submissions

Oliver’s Orphanage of Opportunity!

Oliver’s Orphanage of Opportunity!

September 20, 2019

A spectacular Dickensian musical that traumatised multiple generations of children, Carol Reed's Oliver! is a bona fide classic... but somehow in fifty years, it's never been granted a direct sequel. 

Far be it from us to claim we can top Charles Dickens for creativity, but with the great man long dead, we're sure he won't mind us stepping into his shoes for a while. Aussie Nerd Daniel Tickner joins us to share his love of (the first half of) this movie, and to discuss important matters such as the uncomfortable sexiness of Bill Sykes, The Artful Dodger's excellent colour co-ordination and why this movie's title character kind of sucks...


Every week on Beyond The Box Set, we take a classic movie from the past and boldly attempt to pitch sequels, prequels and spin-offs to bring them back to the big screen. From Titanic to The Shawshank Redemption, Mars Attacks to Maximum Overdrive, there's nothing we won't risk spoiling forever with our creative ramblings...

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00.00: Bill Skyes would 100% get it 

24.40: Oliver! Drinking Games

33.10: Oliver! Adventures of a Master Criminal 

40.20: Oliver meets Hamilton! 

44.50: Oliver's Orphanage of Opportunity!

53.50: Episode 135 Preview & Listener Submissions

BONUS | Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2019 - RANKED!

BONUS | Oscar Best Picture Nominees 2019 - RANKED!

February 19, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Oscar Season! Eight movies have been nominated for the prestigious title of Best Picture of 2018... and having watched them all, we have some opinions!

In this very special bonus episode of Beyond The Box Set, we rank this year's Best Picture nominees from worst to first, and predict who we think will be taking home Oscar Gold on Sunday night...

The contenders (in alphabetical order)

- Black Panther

- Blakkklansman

- Bohemian Rhapsody

- The Favourite

- Green Book

- Roma 

- A Star is Born 

- Vice

The Sound of Music 2: Back In The Habit

The Sound of Music 2: Back In The Habit

January 31, 2019

How do you solve a problem like following up your first ever live episode? By taking on one of the most beloved movies of all time, of course! This week's episode 101 spectacular is dedicated to the iconic family favourite 'The Sound of Music', starring the legendary Dame Julie Andrews.

Tune in to hear our thoughts on Maria Von Trapp's compulsive singing problem, impressive curtain-based design skills and how Harry's Granny may have been responsible for this movie's record-breaking box office takings back in the 60s... 

As ever, we're also pitching some long overdue sequel ideas - including a very unexpected origin story, a crossover that keeps the hills but loses the music, and some dramatic speculation about Dame Julie's adventures in the swinging sixties. 


Beyond The Box Set is a weekly movie podcast that attempts to pitch sequels, prequels and spin offs to classic standalone movies. For over 100 episodes, we've pried open every closed narrative, slaughtered every cinematic sacred cow and pitched ideas ranging from the inspired to the downright un-filmable.

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00.00: Harry's Von Trapp childhood 

33.10: The Sound of Music Drinking Games

38.40: The Sound of Music 2: Back In The Habit

47.00: The Sound of No Music

54.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 102 Preview

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part Two)

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part Two)

January 4, 2019

In the second half of our epic 2018 review, we look back at the movies we watched between July and December and deliver our final verdicts - complete with increasingly drunken and dissolute sequel ideas... enjoy!

Remember, you can enjoy full-length reviews of all of these movies by signing up to our Patreon at

0.30: Skyscraper

4.45: Incredibles 2

8.50: Mission Impossible - Fallout

13.00: Mamma Mia 2

16.00: Hotel Artemis

20.05: The Meg

25.55: BlacKkKlansman

27.10: Crazy Rich Asians

31.30: Searching

37.50: The Predator

44.20: Venom

48.45: Bad Times At The El Royale

57.15: First Man

1.04.25: A Star is Born

1.12.50: Bohemian Rhapsody

1.19.10: Widows

1.25.10: Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindelwald

1.30.15: Robin Hood

1.33.15: Spiderman - Into The Spiderverse

1.35.55: Mortal Engines

1.38.00: Mary Poppins Returns

1.40.35: Final Rankings + 2019 Preview

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part One)

BONUS | Movies of 2018 Reviewed… With Sequels! (Part One)

January 2, 2019

In addition to pitching sequels to old films, we also watched a lot of new releases in 2018. So we thought we'd end the year with a look back at everything we caught at the cinema over the past 12 months, while also attempting to pitch some very quick sequel ideas for them. 

This was a very silly idea that turned into a literal all-nighter, so we've split the results into two parts. Here's part one, in which we ran down everything we saw between January and June. Spoilers abound, obviously!

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00.00: Molly's Game

04.55: The Post

07.25: Downsizing

12.35: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

16.08: The Greatest Showman

20.50: Phantom Thread

25.40: Call Me By Your Name

30.55: Black Panther

36.45: Darkest Hour

38.25: The Shape of Water

41.25: Coco

45.30: Ladybird

49.00: I, Tonya

52.35: Red Sparrow

55.30: Tomb Raider

58.30: Ready Player One

1.05.55: Love, Simon

1.08.50: Isle of Dogs

1.11.30: A Quiet Place

1.13.40: Deadpool 2

1.19.45: Avengers: Infinity War

1.24.40: Solo - A Star Wars Story

1.26.10: Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom

1.29.30: Hereditary 

1.33.55: Ocean's Eight

1.36.30: Leave No Trace

Burlesque 2: Season of the Bitch

Burlesque 2: Season of the Bitch

September 6, 2018

It's a passion! It's a fashion! It's... a campy wig explosion with terrible acting, a nonsensical plot and far, far too many characters! In this very special edition of Beyond The Box Set, we're joined by returning guests Oli Ajulo and Louise Ball to discuss Burlesque - the 2010 movie musical starring Cher, Christina Aguilera and precisely zero nipple tassles. 

Written and directed by Steven Antin - who we suspect might possibly be a well-connected gay man with no self control - Burlesque may have been a donkey at the box office, but chances are it'll be screening at drag bars and bad movie events until the end of time. 

Tune into this week's episode to hear our doomed attempts at making sense of the plot, our theory that Christina Aguilera's character is quite obviously the villain of the movie and some extremely variable Cher impersonations...

In a twist on our usual format, we also formed competing teams with our two guests to present a pair of sequel ideas that include a musical riff on the Scream franchise and a prequel that attempts to clear the name of one of the original movie's most unfairly maligned characters...


Beyond The Box Set is a movie review podcast with a twist. Every week, we take a classic - or questionably classic - piece of standalone cinema and compete to pitch the most ridiculous sequel, prequel or spin-off ideas we can think of to bring them back to the big screen. We've been featured as a 'Binge-Worthy Podcast' on iTunes and named 'Podcast of the Week' by The Guardian. 

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00.00: Christina Aguilera is an entitled monster

51.30: Burlesque Drinking Games

1.00.00: Burlesque 2: Take Your Passion! 

1.11.30: Burlesque 2: Season of the Bitch

1.25.55: Listener Submissions & Episode 82 Preview

Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

July 13, 2018

A disturbed teenage girl. A baby-snatching goblin king with a distractingly prominent codpiece. A supporting cast of creature features ranging from bizarre to frankly terrifying. Every scene of Jim Henson's Labyrinth is burned into the memories of a generation of movie viewers.

With the late-great David Bowie taking the iconic role of Jareth, the aforementioned well endowed Goblin King, any proposed sequel to this 80s classic would have to wrestle with the unthinkable prospect of recasting. Who could possibly step into his shoes? This week on Beyond The Box Set, we've challenged ourselves to come up with some ideas...

Labyrinth is a rare film that we both have equally strong memories of, proving that despite initially poor box office returns, the movie enjoys a truly timeless appeal. Join us on this week's episode as we discuss bad acting vs dream acting, the bizarre genius of the Bog of Eternal Stench and why Sir Didymus is the absolute worst...



Beyond The Box Set is the hit British podcast in which two hapless but creative film nerds pitch sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas for classic standalone movies. We've been featured as a must-listen Podcast by Podbean, The Guardian and iTunes, and our show is available on virtually all major platforms.

We also have a dedicated Patreon page where fans can access a host of bonus content, including our weekly cinema review show 'Beyond BTBS' and the opportunity to choose a film for us to cover on a future episode of the main show - all for as little as £2 per month!.

00.00: Seriously, that codpiece...

27.50: Labyrinth Drinking Games

33.45: Labyrinth: A 30 Rock Production

47.40: Labyrinth 2: Revenge of the Goblin Queen

1.02.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 74 Preview

Yentl: Master of Disguise

Yentl: Master of Disguise

July 5, 2018

She sings! She acts! She directs! Barbra Streisand is perhaps the ultimate triple-threat pop icon, and she makes her Beyond The Box Set debut this week as we pitch sequel ideas for her 1983 passion project Yentl...

The story of a plucky young(?) Jewish girl whose insatiable passion for learning drives her to disguise herself as a man, Yentl was a movie over two decades in the making for Streisand. In addition to directing and starring in the movie, she also produced it and co-wrote the screenplay.

Her dedication was rewarded when the movie was released to strong box office returns and enthusiastic reviews - Steven Spielberg famously described the film as "the greatest directorial debut since Citizen Kane" - although his then-girlfriend Amy Irving played the second female lead, so he might have been slightly biased. 

In this week's episode we discuss Yentl's surprisingly complex depiction of gender and sexuality, the unexpected sexiness of 80s Mandy Patinkin, why the soft focus lighting is practically a fourth character in this movie and much more... before moving on to sequel pitches that attempt to tackle the eternal question - who could possibly replace Barbra Streisand in a movie? 


Each week on Beyond The Box Set, we pitch fictional sequel ideas for classic standalone movies. From iconic hits like Titanic and Forrest Gump to cult hits and forgettable Jennifer Lopez vehicles - there's nothing we can't spin out into a fantasy franchise...

A combination of movie review, creative fan fiction and comedy, we've been featured as a Podcast of the Week by The Guardian and Podbean, in addition to being listed as a 'Binge Worthy Podcast' by iTunes. You can check out the show on all good Podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, aCast and Google Podcasts. We also have a Patreon page where you can access a wide range of exciting bonus content for as little as $2 per month.

00.00: God Damn Mandy Patinkin! 

31.00: Yentl Drinking Games

38.20: Yentl: Master of Disguise

46.50: Yentl: A Titanic Talent

1.01.00: Listener Submissions & Episode 73 Preview

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